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Thoughtfully designed mouth tape for your best snooze yet.


Deeper Sleep & Less Snoring

Breathing through your nose allows you to take deeper, fuller breaths while you sleep, therefore increasing REM sleep and cognitive function.

Mouth taping can also be a beneficial snoring treatment as breathing through the nose changes the angle of the palate and the tongue, which significantly reduces snoring and lapsed breathing.

Relaxed Nervous System

Nasal breathing allows your body to take air in “low and slow”.


Breathing slowly through the nose activates the parasympathetic nervous system, reducing anxiety and signaling the body to calm down.

Strengthened Immunity

Your nose is the first line of defense for air entering your body. 

Breathing through your nose can help filter out allergens, pathogens and dust, helping to defend against infections and allergies. Sensors in your nose can also release antimicrobial chemicals which help keep your body healthy and protected.

Improved Overall Health

Nasal breathing can help reduce cavities, gum disease & bad breath.


When you breathe through your nose, your sinuses naturally produce a gas called nitric oxide. Nitric oxide enhances your oxygen uptake by dilating your blood vessels, which can help lower your blood pressure and improve blood circulation. 

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