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About Us

We are ZIPLIP™ — A brand on a mission to help people achieve the best sleep of their lives.


Mouth breathing is known to cause a series of health issues and sleep disorders. We are passionate about teaching the benefits of nasal breathing and providing an approachable solution to help people get in the habit of breathing through their nose.


ZIPLIP™ is a woman-owned small business based in NYC. 


How does mouth tape work?

Mouth tape, as the name implies, keeps your mouth taped closed to encourage nasal breathing. ZIPLIP™ non-toxic mouth tape is designed for sensitive skin and allows for pain-free adhesion and removal. 

We know — mouth tape may seem intimidating if you've never used it before, but we promise it's worth trying.

What are some of the benefits of nasal breathing?
Some of the benefits of nasal breathing include

  • reduced exposure to foreign substances and allergens

  • increased airflow to the arteries, veins & nerves

  • strengthened diaphragm

  • lowered risk of snoring and sleep apnea

  • slowed down breathing

  • increased oxygen circulation.


Though the nose and mouth may seem equally efficient in getting air into your body, breathing through your nose actually helps your body optimize its oxygen intake. Our nasal passages are complex and dynamic, constantly working to filter and humidify the air entering our bodies to protect the lower airways, reducing the intake of infectious agents and improving overall oxygenation. 

How does mouth breathing affect you?

Being a mouth breather may cause trouble sleeping, bad breath, snoring and sleep apnea, daytime sleepiness, dry mouth, and misaligned teeth. Mouth breathing also releases nitric oxide inefficiently, which may cause fatigue or stress, as your cells don't get as much oxygen as they do via nasal breathing. 

Can you reuse mouth tape?

For proper adhesion, we recommend using a new piece of ZIPLIP™ tape each time and discarding used tape after each use.  

Does it work with facial hair?

While our OG ZIPLIP™ tape designed for sensitive skin will work with facial hair, the adhesion may not be strong enough for thick beards or mustaches. Our team is working fast and furious to develop an extra-strong version of ZIPLIP™ for our hairy friends.     


We're always looking for feedback to better ourselves. Drop us a line!

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